Annual Convention:

Wednesday & Thursday,
August 29-30, 2018

Meadow Lake @ Carpenter High School


Principal Kafele


Expense Form

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Welcome Teachers!

On this page we hope that you will find some useful info for not only this year, but future years.


  • Annual membership fees are $834
  • Our liasons, for any and all questions, are:
    • Michael Gatin & Tish Karpa: 1-800-667-7762
  • STF Enrollment Form - triggers our access to health plan and other benefits.
  • Salary - go to page 6 of the Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement to ensure you are classified correctly and that you are placed correctly on the salary grid.
  • Professional Competence & Professional Ethics - these standards and our disciplinary process for our members is part of the of a teacher professional regulatory system in Saskatchewan.

STF Benefit Programs 

  • STF Members' Health Plan
    • For info regarding Health Plan visit our Federation website or contact our Members' Health Plan
      • Tel: 1-306-667-7762 Fax: 1-306-374-1122 Email:
    • For inquiries about claims that have been submitted, contact Great-West Life at 1-800-957-9777
  • Teachers' Dental Plan
    • For info regarding services and coverage levels, contact the Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission.
      • Tel: 1-877-364-8202 Fax: 1-306-787-1939
  • Maternity Leave - Supplemental Benefits Plan
    • EI benefits for birth mothers that can be claimed for teaching days lost during a 17 week presumptive period beginning on the estimated date of birth or the date of delivery, whichever is earlier.
      • Tel: 1-800-667-7762 Fax: 1-306-374-1122 Email:
  • Long-Term Disability - ICP (Income Continuance Plan)
    • Our ICP provides disability income in the event that a medical disability prevents a teacher from working after all sick leave benefits have been exhausted.  Contact our ICP for further info or visit our Federation website.
      • Tel: 1-800-667-7762 Email:
  • Counselling Services
    • As part of the Income Continuance Plan, our Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation provides confidential, self-referral counselling services. For more information, contact the Income Continuance Plan counselling services directly at 1-800-665-5594 or 306-373-8388.
    • Out of hospital services of a licensed, certified, or registered psychologist or social worker are covered.  For more info contact or visit our STF website.
      • Tel: 1-800-667-7762 Fax: 1-306-374-1122 Email:
  • Life Insurance - Teachers' Group Life Insurance
    • Program provides life and accidental death coverage for teachers.
    • Coverage determined through provincial bargaining and premiums paid equally by teachers abd the provincial government.
    • For more info contact the Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission or vist their website.
      • Tel: 1-877-364-8202 Fax: 1-306-787-1939

SPTRB - Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board

  • Responsible for certifying and registering teachers working in provincially funded schools.
  • ALso administers discipline processes.